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a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies

Hello world !
Some books made me think, some made me cry, some made me angry , but these books below made me look at life as something new and incredible



Oh i just totally felt like jumping off a cliff when Augustus died but then later i too feared oblivion and stayed positive. Some people have told me this book was negative and tragic, but for me  it was a lesson, a tragic book taught me a positive lesson : life never gives us enough , it is not a wish granting factory like  Augustus said.



This book is a magical work. Truly. When i read it i saw myself in elizabeth, her temper, anxiety and secret love for darcy is exactly how people are. What impressed me most was that characters valued love more than pride which is now missing in the present.
Overall i was spellbound by jane austen’s marvellous work.


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How do you feel without your book?

Hello world!
I’m on a short vacation and i forgot to take my book with me, oh i feel empty already. Please share with me your experiences without your book.
Although i tried reading books on the phone , the experience seems phony. The feel, texture and smell of a book is so magical. And i’m not scared to tell this but i hate e-books. I don’t know how, but people change very fast, one moment they love books and the next second people are busy with facebook and hangouts. I have strongly come to a conclusion that the number of book readers is decling rapidly. I have observed this for more than a year. I accept, e-books are accessible and very handy but as i interviewed people , they tell their views about books and the people’s attitude towards reading:

1. People are increasingly getting addicted to phones that most of them forget the significance of reading.
2. Ask a person what their recent book was or atleast a magazine, you’ll find the following replies:
A. ” i actually don’t have time to read”
B. ” there are things much important than reading” ( what like chatting all day?)
C. ” oh i completely adore books but just never read them”

3. E-books strains the eyesight

Have any of you met  these people who react as if you swallowed a rat just because you spend time on reading books rather than social networking? Trust me when i say this but there exist horrible, pathetic idiots like this who think they’re so smart but are so so dumb.
Whatever anybody tells i’m in love with my books only and will always love them.

An empty heart

Looking at the sky
I feel a great empty space
it goes on and on
I try to find a way
hmmm.. what to say
Like a deep ocean of mysteries are my days
I think thats all i can say
But sometimes i leap to prove it,
to feel i’m strong
to feel i’m loved
But it all just goes away
when the melancholic tune of the past just takes my heart away

By: fouzul inaya

Book review: the hunger games

Katniss everdeen , a sixteen yr old girl from the district 12 has a gift for archery by which she makes her hunger struck family survive. Katniss and Gale meet everyday in the woods to gather food after the death of katniss’ father. That particular day is the reaping day for the hunger games. A girl and a boy from each of the 12 districts between the age of 12-18 are chosen to compete and kill eachother, when Prim, katniss’ sister is chosen , katniss volunteers for her sister. Not only that , Peeta mellark, the boy who gave her bread is chosen for the games.
Katniss is helped by a stylist Cinna who makes Katniss gorgeous than ever. Katniss is more bewildered when Peeta tells out in the interview that he loves her. Now its katniss’ choice to fight for love or to transform into a monster to kill her loved one.
Hunger games is so extremely addicting and i can just tell out  how i feel by saying out loud “WOW”. I strongly recommend the hunger games seris to all the readers who love fantasy, love and suspense.


23 days of blogging without introducing myself

Hello world! I say hello a lot of times but never actually said anything about myself
Hi, I’m Fouzul Inaya and i’m 15 years old. I live in India, in tamil nadu .
I’m in 10th grade , but not at all serious or disciplined. I just totally love books and i always keep  reading something and i aspire to be a fashion designer. Thats all, wish me luck. Bye

My new book

Hello world! I just purchased CHARLES DICKENS’ GREAT EXPECTATIONS and just read through a few pages, maybe a couple of chapters i’m just so addicted to it. So have any of you wonderful folks read it before? Please share your opinions about the book. Until then bye.


Hello world !
I’m just wondering if any of you out there have had a situation where you literally had no one to count upon except for your dear book? Well, lets just say that actually there are a few feeble people out there who are practically devastated that they have nobody except their books. So if you’re contemplating  about  a book’s ability to cure minds and also stuck in a bad situation or fight , you’re getting the answers to get your spirits up right here, right now
First of all,
1. Don’t ever think that you’ve got no one you can go to, there is always a book beside you so why all the panic?
2. Reading has a very unique way of calming your soul from deep within.
3. Still not calming? Oh i know, that feeling!  Don’t worry,  just sip some water and think about all the wonderful skills you are going to learn from a book and most importantly don’t FRET


5. If your situation gets gloomy and worser, try reading humour books to keep your spirits up.It has helped several people .

6. Ok now still not good enough? Feeling all let down?
Just imagine for a moment that you are a brave hero yourself, well if you ask me i always think that i’m JOE from LITTLE WOMEN , OR KATNISS EVERDEEN FROM HUNGER GAMES . Try doing this for an hour maybe it actually eases your mood.

Try these and please let me know how my ” book therapy for the soul” works

Exams, busy life and books

Hey readers! Don’ t you think that having an amazing book to read right  next to you but you have very very busy days ahead? Well, I think most of you understand that situation. And i feel its the most horrible thing that can happen to a book lover. Now i feel the same, so many busy weeks ahead with a wonderful book right in my hand. Its awful 😦
Have any of u had this feeling before? Please let this book addict know.

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