Katniss everdeen , a sixteen yr old girl from the district 12 has a gift for archery by which she makes her hunger struck family survive. Katniss and Gale meet everyday in the woods to gather food after the death of katniss’ father. That particular day is the reaping day for the hunger games. A girl and a boy from each of the 12 districts between the age of 12-18 are chosen to compete and kill eachother, when Prim, katniss’ sister is chosen , katniss volunteers for her sister. Not only that , Peeta mellark, the boy who gave her bread is chosen for the games.
Katniss is helped by a stylist Cinna who makes Katniss gorgeous than ever. Katniss is more bewildered when Peeta tells out in the interview that he loves her. Now its katniss’ choice to fight for love or to transform into a monster to kill her loved one.
Hunger games is so extremely addicting and i can just tell out  how i feel by saying out loud “WOW”. I strongly recommend the hunger games seris to all the readers who love fantasy, love and suspense.