Hello world!
I’m on a short vacation and i forgot to take my book with me, oh i feel empty already. Please share with me your experiences without your book.
Although i tried reading books on the phone , the experience seems phony. The feel, texture and smell of a book is so magical. And i’m not scared to tell this but i hate e-books. I don’t know how, but people change very fast, one moment they love books and the next second people are busy with facebook and hangouts. I have strongly come to a conclusion that the number of book readers is decling rapidly. I have observed this for more than a year. I accept, e-books are accessible and very handy but as i interviewed people , they tell their views about books and the people’s attitude towards reading:

1. People are increasingly getting addicted to phones that most of them forget the significance of reading.
2. Ask a person what their recent book was or atleast a magazine, you’ll find the following replies:
A. ” i actually don’t have time to read”
B. ” there are things much important than reading” ( what like chatting all day?)
C. ” oh i completely adore books but just never read them”

3. E-books strains the eyesight

Have any of you met  these people who react as if you swallowed a rat just because you spend time on reading books rather than social networking? Trust me when i say this but there exist horrible, pathetic idiots like this who think they’re so smart but are so so dumb.
Whatever anybody tells i’m in love with my books only and will always love them.