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a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies

Girl online

I just finished reading girl online a day ago.

Review: penny is a high schooler, she is quirky, smart and everyone loves her. But penny has a secret, since a car accident penny suffers from constant panic attacks. Penny also has a secret blog known as girl online which is only known to her and elliot, her best friend. Penny often gets herself into embarressing situation and her so called ‘ friend’ Megan makes her life more awkward.

Penny’s life changes completely after she goes to Newyork with her family and her best friend to help her mom organize a wedding where she meets Noah, a teen boy who is funny and boosts her cofidence. Penny starts to blog about Noah and she feels amazing until she discovers a secret about him which makes things worse than ever for Penny as well as Noah.


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The most amazing books i recommend for readers

The kite runner by Khaled hosseni

Pride and prejudice by Jane austen

Little women by Louisa alcott.

These are not just books , they are different worlds, The worlds where a reader discovers what life is all about.

Harry potter- my first fantasy book

I was12 yrs old then. It was on the 3rd of november 2012, i had 7 more days for my thirteenth birthday. Mom and i were shopping that day for my birthday and suddenly i felt like i needed a book to read. So, we stepped into landmark to buy a book for me. It took me nearly an hour to select from the rack of books which were meant for children .  One book caught my eye , it was ” harry potter” . I swiftly read the book in just 4 days and kept coming for more books.
Harry potter is not just a fiction , it is a unique world for those who believe in magic


Books are portable magic

“Books wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life”.
Just imagine flying in the sky, amazing is it not? . Well, books make me feel just the same way.

My first blog

I’m sure my first blog is gonna rock the world.

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